Sunday, April 02, 2006

Anthem, film still: Drasko Adzic and Miroslav Arbanovski
2007, video, 32'


its always changing
it has order
its always changing
it has order

it doesn't have a specific place
it boundaries are not fixed
it affects other things
it may be accessible
but go, but go

its always changing
it has order
its always changing
it has order

part of it may
also be
part of something else

some of it is familiar
some of it is strange
knowing of it
changes it

Anthem, film still: Beogradski sindikat
2007, video, 32'

Anthem reacts to people’s need to recognize the concept of national, cultural, political and individual pride, especially of those who are troubled by issues of identity and perspective. The work attempts to open and register a dialogue on the meaning, the use and the purpose of a national anthem as a symbol, its potential as a political tool, its target audience, etc… It includes interviews with Snjezana Milivojevic, Velja Abramovic, Borka Pavicevic, Milena Dragicević Sesic, Dusan Grlja and the band Beogradski Sindikat, who question the current political and cultural situation in Serbia. Meanwhile, a chamber musical ensemble is performing a song based on Robert Barry’s text piece Art Work from the 1970s, a set of lyrics freed from all preconceived notions and references of a particular political and cultural context. Thus, Anthem ultimately offers an introspective, conceptual proposal as a premise for public dialogue...

"Anthem" : Yane Čalovski's project based on Robert Berry's text "Art Work" (1970).

"Anthem" : was recorded for the first time as a part of “Everything is After Something" at the BAC- (Baltic Art Center), Sweden, 2004.

*music arrangement by: Drasko Adzic
music performed by: Drasko Adzic (bass), Miroslav Arbanovski (tenor), Nevena Ivanovic (soprano), Ana Markovic (flute), Nela Mendelson (violin), Dejan Milivojevic (accordion), Milena Moravcevic (alt)
Yane Calovski, foto documentation : a film "Anthem" production
author: Yane Calovski
Belgrade, 2007

Yane Calovski (1) and Velja Abramovic (2), production process
photo: Srdjan Veljovic, 2007

Anthem, film still: Milena Dragicevic Sesic
2007, video, 32'